Junction Panels

  • JP50-BLANK                           1 RU BLANK (Up to 12U avilable) 

  • JP50-12-RJ45                        1 RU with 12 RJ45 PORTS (Available in AMP, OMNI, LEV, M11MC, RJ11)

  • JP50-12-C5JL                         1 RU with 12 CAT 5e F/F (Also available with a Cat 5 110 Punchdown)

  • JP50-10-IBMDAT                  1 RU with 10 IBM DATA PORTS (Available in larger RU sizes)

  • JP50-10-XLRF                        1 RU with 10 XLRF PORTS (Also available in Neutrik)

  • JP50-10-D3F                          1 RU with 3 PIN XLR F/F (Also available with Neutrik Connectors)

  • JP50-10-15 *Empty*            1 RU with 10 DB15 (Available in DB9 thru DB37)

  • JP50-10-GC15FF                   1 RU with 10 DB15 F/F (Also available with Crimp and Solder Type connectors / DB9 thru DB37 connectors)

  • JP50-16-.375                          1 RU with 16 0.375 OPENINGS (Available with different size openings)

  • JP50-16-F.81                           1 RU with 16 F.81 F/F (Available with BNC and RCA connectors)

  • JP50-24-RJ45-ANG               1 RU with 24 RJ45 PORTS ANGLED PANEL (Available in AMP, LEV, OMNI)

All panels are available for 19", 23", and 24" racks. Larger panels are available. Change prefix of part number to JP51, JP101 etc. for black powder coat finish.


Cable Management

  • CMB-20.375X1*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 1" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X2*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 2" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X3*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 3" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X4*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 4" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X6*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 6" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X8*BK                CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 8" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X10*BK             CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 10" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X12*BK             CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 12" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X14*BK             CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 14" DEEP

  • CMB-20.375X18*BK             CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR 18" DEEP

  • CLIP-6POS                               6 POSITION CABLE CLIP FOR ALL BARS


Locking Covers

  • LC-6X6                                    S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 6x6 outside dimensions

  • LC-3X9                                    S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 3x9 outside dimensions

  • LC-8.5X19                              S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 8.5x19 outside dimensions

  • LC-9X8                                    S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 9x8 outside dimensions

  • LC-8X24                                 S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 8x24 outside dimensions

  • LC-10X24                               S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 10x24 outside dimensions

  • LC-10X17                               S.S. Locking cover with Lexan w/ 10x17 outside dimensions

For Black Anodized Aluminum add ALBK at end of part number. Dimensions in part number are outside dimensions. Call or email if you have custom dimensions you need!